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Grandma, she s reborn

Grandma, she s reborn

Grandma, she s reborn

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    Grandma, she s reborn
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    I don't know that spring will be old
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    Day Books
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2022-10-05 20:38:27
In her previous life, she was an 80 year old Taijun in the general's house. She was a heroine who could be good at literature and martial arts. The barbarians were attacked externally and the heaven and earth in the mansion were attacked internally the soul of this world returns to be a man again, shoulder the responsibility of revitalizing the family business, helping father and brother, and helping the foundation of the country. The road ahead is difficult but not easy to lose. She vowed to change her life against the sky and cut off the evil edge of all decadence who would have guessed that a Duke of the state was suddenly killed on the vast road... - Qizhan pondered: the moonlight is beautiful tonight. It would be wonderful to hold a pot of wine, find a secluded place in the countryside and have a drink with a confidant for three or two cups Jing Shu's cold eyes: the dark wind is high this night, where is the beautiful moonlight? It is the time when thieves are rampant in the countryside. If the Duke of the country wants to go, he must have gone and never returned Qizhan scratched her hand secretly:... - Jing Shu sighed: you have no children under your knees. Naturally, you don't know that as a parent, you have a heart to plan for your children Qizhan squinted: Oh... The implication, miss three... Jing Shu left: today is a sunny day. It's a good time. I forgot to go back to the house to dry my books Qizhan raised his eyes and looked at the gloomy sky:

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