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Quick wear: the coming salvation

Quick wear: the coming salvation

Quick wear: the coming salvation

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    Quick wear: the coming salvation
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    Is it a dynasty or not
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Ruan Ling committed all kinds of crimes during her life. Although she was finally retaliated and died, she somehow bound a system to clear her sins by a goal of saving the three thousand world - "what's this and what? Sure enough, the saying is right, the scourge lasts for thousands of years!" Ruan Ling sighed and said nothing "host, the target this time is the man in a black coat." a female voice came from Ruan Ling's mind and said systematically "no problem, the information is passed on to me. Um... Lu yannao, successor to the chairman of Lu Group, is ruthless, lustless, silent, loves mango mousse, receives devil education from urination... Finally, he committed suicide and jumped out of a building in depression?" Ruan Ling: Dad, I'm a good guy directly let's see how her father Ruan saves the target to the light however, why is she called Ruan Ling for every aspect and Lu yannao for every goal and this super cold woman, why does her mouth sound hot like the dog system [sick and dark Ruan Ling & tragic fate Lu yannao]