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Get rich after rectifying the four brothers of the rich family

Get rich after rectifying the four brothers of the rich family

Get rich after rectifying the four brothers of the rich family

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    Get rich after rectifying the four brothers of the rich family
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    Wednesday, Tuesday
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Wen Xiang passed through and put on a woman with the same name and surname both parents died, their family property was robbed, and there were two careless brothers, two careless cousins, and countless top-notch relatives the smoking hand shook slightly * * * the Wen family, a big family in the capital, has declined. After both husband and wife died in a car accident, they left three waste children. Under the care of a bad aunt, they are simple in mind and have too little experience in the world. If they are not literate, they will only spend money when everyone was preparing for a few strokes in the pit, they found that... Miss Wen was like a different person be able to speculate in stocks, bid, fight, drag racing, deal with contract loopholes, and get along well in the upper class circle while protecting their legitimate rights and interests, they also protect their four younger brothers later the brothers have grown up the hot movie emperor made a high-profile response for her birthday and shouted to her sister when she won the prize at the film festival the healthy food developed by the young doctor of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences is given to my sister for the first time KPL's third popular E-sports players use her ID to fight and defend the list, and the ID has been on the national clothing list, TIANTI list and E-sports field when the youngest brother joined the army and his rank continued to rise, he strengthened his sister's status and reputation * * what Wen Xiang doesn't know is that she is busy starting a business and making money people have been watching for a long time "how old is the little girl this year? When do you plan to get married?" "little girl, I don't think the young master of the Song family can do it." "neither can the Zhang family." "neither can the one who takes care of the family." "I can." * * drag sister x Wenru fishing familiar man early stage: Redemption + entrepreneurship later stage: Group pet + big brother

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