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Wear green tea and stand aside

Wear green tea and stand aside

Wear green tea and stand aside

Rating: 9 / 10 from 1861 ratings
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    Wear green tea and stand aside
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    Luo Qingchen
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    Weixin Book
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2022-06-30 13:22:39
Deeply poisoned by green tea, Fu Yunxi decided to save those innocent girls and defeat green tea World One: green tea has a beautiful appearance and low status. She is just a palace maid, but there are countless suitors. The emperor, the son of the world and the killer love her. The female partner has a noble status. She is a high-ranking princess. She looks gorgeous and ends up innocent and dead in vain after Fu Yunxi came through, she exposed her green tea face and tied her up with the slag man. Don't harm others World 2: green tea 2 robbed the female partner's parents, brothers and happy people, making your female partner doubt life and die miserably after Fu Yunxi wears it, if he has eyes, let's get along well. If he doesn't have eyes, whether he kisses his parents or not, we don't want it world 3: green tea 3 directly destroyed the career of women's matching, and brought many men to show off, which made women's matching never recover after Fu Yunxi came through, her career was booming. You have little fresh meat, so do I sister is the queen. Get out of green tea 1v1, women's feelings are slow and hot

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