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The system and I are going against the sky

The system and I are going against the sky

The system and I are going against the sky

Rating: 9 / 10 from 2056 ratings
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    The system and I are going against the sky
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    Mu Xueqing
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    Cool Novel
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2022-05-21 22:49:57
Walking on the red carpet, falling dead... Through ancient times how to bind the task system Raider overlord, resurrected... Save the world "Ding! Congratulations to Mu Xueqing. Complete the task: kill invaders from different worlds and reward 10000 points! convertible rewards: magic book! Elemental staff! One click blood regeneration potion! Space container! Baijie Quan Shu!... Click to agree and start exchanging!" "Ding! Congratulations to Mu Xueqing for completing the main task: The Regent of the Northern Kingdom sincerely says' I love you '! rewards the deep fusion of resurrected souls! Click agree to start the deep fusion of resurrected souls!" "Ding Ding! The assignment system starts to upgrade! Click agree to upgrade the assignment! The upgrade takes a long time, please wait patiently!" "host! The channel has started. Select a world screen and jump in!" "magic world? Fairy world? Mecha world?... zombie world? Shit, which one to choose? You broken system, you say you can live in which world!" "choose any one! You have to go anyway..." bang bang "magic world, I'm Mu Xue!" [pseudo palace duel, pit system and infinite shuttle mission flow in different worlds! The first volume paves the way for the content, and the rhythm is slow. Mind collecting it first, and then chasing the text after opening the second volume!]

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