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Jiangnan Yanyu general plan

Jiangnan Yanyu general plan

Jiangnan Yanyu general plan

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    Jiangnan Yanyu general plan
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    Jingyu Jingyu
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    Passion Novel
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2022-06-22 02:28:09
The three female leaders Wang Pei, Bai Jinghui and Tian Wei met since childhood. They married on the same day and three girlfriends married three different families. The three men loved their wives so much that their mothers often played tricks with their daughter-in-law where no one was around. The fathers of the three men were officials in the court together. The three men often come and go in the workplace. They can't see their mother's careful thinking, leading to the deepening of the contradiction between husband and wife. And some unmarried men and women are also walking on the road of marriage. The hair of the man is small, and the sisters of the two men are bumping on the road of love, and finally achieve good results.