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Apocalyptic extreme evolution!

Apocalyptic extreme evolution!

Apocalyptic extreme evolution!

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    Apocalyptic extreme evolution!
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    Dream Book China
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    Long Novel
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2022-07-12 05:46:46
Every life star has its own will to protect itself. When she is seriously injured or has an ecological imbalance, she starts the self-protection mechanism< Br> every living creature should cherish the planet on which they live and respect life< Br> Jian Xi'er was born in a Golden Nest, but she has a collection habit completely opposite to her living environment< Br> girls from other rich families like to dress up, buy bags and beautiful clothes... she likes to cook delicious food, earn money, eat and use... what she yearns for is the retirement life of the elderly, buy a piece of land... she has food at home, money in her pocket and land under her name... people who don't know think that Jane's family, a big family, has treated her badly< Br> but no one knows that this hobby can save lives one day!

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