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Gene blind box: Echo

Gene blind box: Echo

Gene blind box: Echo

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    Gene blind box: Echo
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    Guyan Eucalyptus
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    18ws Read
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2022-07-12 20:52:51
The sudden emergence of the new world has caused heavy damage to human brain waves in the old world, and the elimination mechanism of survival of the fittest has become increasingly severe. Therefore, many emerging technologies have risen, and 2/3 of mankind have participated in the transformation plan. Most of them have accepted sophisticated technology (or as test objects) and have been artificially modified to become xenogeneic< Br> due to the uncertainty of the experiment, some of the failed products of heterogeneous people either die or flee to the dark areas at the bottom of society, posing a threat to human life. Most of the successful xenografts in the experiment have been wiped out of their emotions and conscience. They are highly skilled talents in an indifferent state. Their responsibility is to rule and control the population< Br> the remaining part is to choose conservative transformation. By acquiring new world weapons, we can strengthen our physique, increase physical stress resistance, and enter the hunter Alliance Association through layer by layer selection. Maintain social order and eliminate hidden dangers< Br> for a long time, there have been people who want to break this extreme class of "survival of the fittest", but most of them ended in helpless defeat. On the one hand, there is a gap in strength, on the other hand, anti bone will be strangled in the bud when this idea comes into being. So most people choose to be resigned to fate. If birth determines their niche, then they will settle down and end their life. And genes also have blind boxes. Many people's birth is not ordinary, and their life experience is mysterious, which means that life is not mediocre.