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I m picking up junk in the survival game

I m picking up junk in the survival game

I m picking up junk in the survival game

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    I m picking up junk in the survival game
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    Mo Yian
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    Vchale Novel
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The world changed quietly. At first, it was continuous rain and dry clothes, and then it was construction waste falling from the sky. A species disappeared out of thin air... in the face of the severe beating of society, people were extremely optimistic, and the streets were full of human beings walking with a smile when she woke up, she suddenly fell into the unknown space Ding Dong! Welcome to extreme paradise please get enough playback and attention before the end of the game deduct points if the game fails deduct points for wrong answers I wish you and your partners a pleasant journey - as an orphan girl with nothing, Yuntuan is conscientious and focuses on scavenging in the copy defensive weapons? Pick it up pots and pans? Pick it up accompanying teammates? Still pick it up I was promoted all the way, but I found that the paradise was not as simple as it was shown... Yuntuan: pick up enough materials, and I can finish the task in the corner PS. start with an oar and pick up all the equipment. Men and women don't have time to misunderstand, SC the protester becomes the superior.

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