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Come on, the lady is a real big man

Come on, the lady is a real big man

Come on, the lady is a real big man

Rating: 9 / 10 from 28284 ratings
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    Come on, the lady is a real big man
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    Dynamic Xiaoxiao
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    Woske Novel
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Qin Xiang is an excellent strategist because of his outstanding performance, he was dug into the "villain group" at a high price to attack the villain, warm up the villain with love, influence the villain and prevent the villain from turning black and annihilating the world [cultivation plane]: he was the favored son of heaven. He was betrayed by his close relatives, his spiritual roots were abandoned, his elixir field was broken, and he was on the verge of death... He saw the most hated enemy "Qin Xiang" from small to large he thought she was coming to kill him and give him the last ride. Unexpectedly... [entertainment industry]: he was a poor little girl who was abandoned by his father and depended on his mother. In order to revenge his father and half brother, he approached her, pursued her and used her he thought he was sure to win and was the final winner, but he lost his heart and soul. He indulged in her, went crazy for her and gave up everything for her... [campus position]: he is a school bully that people are afraid of, and she is a good female school bully that people envy a gambling appointment. He pursues her, confesses her, teases her, deceives her... he thinks the game is over, and he and she will have no intersection in this life unexpectedly... Primary school bully turned into big sister, forced him into a small alley, knocked him, kissed him, and swore sovereignty

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