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90 small peasant daughter-in-law with books

90 small peasant daughter-in-law with books

90 small peasant daughter-in-law with books

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    90 small peasant daughter-in-law with books
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    Still pity
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    Free Novel!
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2022-06-29 14:05:03
Through a 90's article, I met the original owner's death as soon as I appeared, and drugged the male Lord as a rural daughter-in-law and a proper standard ex-wife, Lin Xiaoxiao wants to die again... but she deeply understands that the man is the woman's and the life is her own, so cherishing life and staying away from the man is the best choice of course, on the way to settle the marriage relationship with the man, you have to make a career by the way, otherwise you will lose your face if you starve to death but who will tell her that just after she became a rich woman, the male Lord abandoned politics and went into business to follow her? What about the political rookie n years later... male owner: Xiaoxiao, should we be ready to have a third child Lin Xiaoxiao: didn't you just have a second child male leader: there's no way. After all, there are too many mines in the family and people always need to inherit them

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