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I become a koi by my sick emperor

I become a koi by my sick emperor

I become a koi by my sick emperor

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    I become a koi by my sick emperor
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    Clear water is colorless
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2022-07-06 10:06:34
Mu Taoyao, a little miracle doctor in Taoyuan mountain village, tried to poison the sick and weak man who looked gorgeous but had an inverse temperament to his skin countless times and buried him under the peach tree that the master's father picked up as fertilizer this kind of craftsman can live to more than 20 years old absolutely because of his identity as the young master of the imperial capital! Otherwise I would have been killed 800 times the sick young master dislikes this little village girl who hasn't even read compulsory education because she has no aesthetics! I don't know what shyness is! He said to prick him into a cactus without mercy he drew a circle to curse her for not getting married later, those who sent her flowers and diamond rings for marriage could row from the northernmost imperial city to the southernmost Taoyuan mountain village the emperor was less anxious, and one day he splashed: "I've been seen by you. I'm not clean. You must be responsible for me, or I'll roll from the head of your village to the end of the village and let the whole village spit on you!"