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The man level leader became a group pet in the era text

The man level leader became a group pet in the era text

The man level leader became a group pet in the era text

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    The man level leader became a group pet in the era text
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    Still simple
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2022-06-26 01:53:31
As the first person in Taoism, Ning Bao saved five merits and virtues. He died for saving the world in each life. Until the end of the fifth life, he thought he could complete his merits and virtues. When he opened his eyes, he wore it on a little doll in the 1970s and was picked up home looking at the helpless, lame father and blind mother in front of her, she took out the space to follow her five generations OK, it's not a big deal * a silly doll came to the happy village that day. The villagers looked pitiful, but no one was willing to raise it. Finally, he was taken back by the lame old Ning family Lao Ning's family also has a blind daughter-in-law and a female doll who is only two years older than the silly doll. The whole family depends on Lao Ning for food the family named the silly baby Ning Bao. Every day, they hold a Bao in their arms. It hurts. People outside the village laugh at the Ning family for raising other people's babies. It's really silly but no one thought that the silly doll would suddenly become not stupid one day since Ning Bao is not stupid, Lao Ning's family has been lucky; First, Lao Ning's legs suddenly got better, and his daughter-in-law's eyes saw that the money was rolling in, and Lao Ning's family became the richest family in the happy village hearing this, the parents next door who thought Ningbao was stupid and abandoned Ningbao couldn't sit still. They ran to Xingfu village to bring Ningbao back. They robbed the children, accidentally broke their legs, and all the farmland at home died. Everyone said that they were cursed for abandoning Fuwa the female leader salted fish is full of merits and virtues.

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